Films and Books that have a spiritual / positive mind theme.


Blyth Spirit                                                       Margaret Rutherford

Ghost                                                                Demi Moore & Patrick Swayze 

Sixth Sense                                                       Bruce Willis

Pay it Forward                                                  Kevin Spacey

Dragonfly                                                         Kevin Costner

Michael                                                             John Travolta

Five People to Meet in Heaven                         Jon Voight

The Others                                                        Nicole Kidman

The Gift                                                            Cate Blanchett

Just Like Heaven                                              Reece Witherspoon

Celestine Prophesy


Energy is the Power Evolution is the Glory      Gillian Sylvan     

The Secret                                                          Rhonda  Byrne

My Funny Bones

You can Heal your Life                                     Louise Hay                    

Angels in my Hair                                             Lorna Byrne 

An Angel Called My Name                              Theresa Cheung  

An Angel on my Shoulder                                Theresa Cheung

Angels Watching Over Me                               Jacky Newcomb

An Angel Held My Hand                                  Jacky Newcomb

Celestine Prophesy                                            Melody                                                   ISBN No: 0942819034

The Shack                                       

Spirit Love Inspirational poems & thoughts     Michael G Lennon                                 ISBN No: 978-1-4343-1736-0